Care & Use

Care and use of your Ramer Sponge

  • Before using your new Ramer Sponge for the first time, rinse in warm water with a little soap
  • After use, simply rinse and allow to dry. Once dry, it will shrink a little and harden
  • To rehydrate your dry Ramer Sponge, immerse in warm water and it will soon regain its suppleness and be ready to use again
  • Every so often we recommend that your Ramer Sponge is machine washed at circa 40oC. This will help it to last longer and  maintain  freshness
  • When its time to replace your Ramer sponge don't throw the old one away, cut it into small pieces and add them to the soil of your pot plants. This will help to retain moisture and promote healthy growth. Alternatively dampen your old sponge and use it to remove pet hairs etc from fabrics or carpets - just rinse sponge under the tap to remove.